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Artigos Técnicos


Nesta página são disponibilizados para download diversos artigos técnicos de interesse geral destinados ao projeto de aeronaves.


Os artigos estão divididos por seções específicas e contemplam: Aerodinâmica, Desempenho, Projeto de Hélices, Mecânica do Voo, Estabilidade e Controle, Cargas e Estruturas, Projeto Conceitual, Nomenclatura Aeronáutica, Projeto de UAV’s, Voo Hipersônico e Artigos Diversos.






1) The NACA Airfoil Series

2) Aerodynamics of the Fuselage

3) The Design and Testing af a Winglet Airfoil for Low-Speed Aircraft

4) Nonlinear Aerodynamics and the Design of Wing Tips

5) Measurement of Static Pressure on Aircraft

6) The Aerodynamics of a Wind Tunnel Fan

7) Wind Tunnel Tests of Five Strut Sections in Yaw

8) Pressure Distribuition Over an NACA 23012 Airfoil With a Fixed Slot and a Slotted Flap

9) Pressure Distribuition Over an NACA 23012 Airfoil With a Slotted and a Split Flap

10) The Aerodynamic Effect of a Retractable Landing Gear

11) Effects of Winglets on the Drag of a Low Aspect Ratio Configuration

12) On the Minimum Induced Drag of Wings

13) A Fundamental Study of Drag and an Assessement of Conventional Drag Due to Lift Reduction Devices

14) Development of Wing Inlets

15) Summary of Airfoil Data

16) Numerical Study of Steady and Unsteady Canard Wing-Body Aerodynamics

17) Numerical Analisys of Flapping Wing Aerodynamics

18) The Drag of Airplane Wheels, Wheel Fairings and Landing Gear

19) The Prandtl Wing

20) Integrals and Integral Equations in Linearized Wing Theory

21) The Aerodynamic Forces on Slender Plane and Cruciform Wing and Body Combinations

22) Introduction to Aerodynamics of Fligth - NASA SP 367

23) The Aerodynamic Forces on Airships

24) Induced Drag of Multiplanes

25) Drag of Wings With Endplates

26) An Experimental and Theoretical Analysis of the Aerodynamic Characteristics of a Biplane Winglet

27) The Minimum Induced Drag of Aerofoils

28) Resume of Air-Load Data on Slats and Flaps

29) Wind Tunnel Aerodynamic Tests of Six Airfoils for use on Small Wind Turbines

30) The Aerodynamic Forces on Slender Plane and Cruciform wing and Body Combinations

31) Introduction to the Abrupt Wing Stall (AWS) Program

32) A Review of Recent Information Relating to the Drag Rise of Airplanes

33) A CFD/CSC Interaction Methodology for Aircraft Wings

34) Wind Tunnel Investigation of Ground Effect of Wings With Flaps

35) A Comparison of Several Tapered Wings Designed to Avoid Tip Stalling

36) Study of the Unsteady Flow Features on a Stalled Wing

37 ) Air Resistance Measurements on Actual Airplane Parts

38) A Fundamental Study of Drag and Assessment of Conventional Drag Due to Lift Reduction Devices

39) Determination of the Characteristics of Tapered Wings

40) Fluid Mechanics, Drag Reduction and Advanced Configuration Aeronautics

41) Effect of Winglets on the Induced Drag of Ideal Wing Shapes

42) Influence of Finite Span and Sweep on Active Flow Control Efficacy

43) Design Considerations for Wings Having Minimum Drag Due to Lift

44) The Experimental and Calculated Characteristics of 22 Tapered Wings


Desempenho, Projeto de Hélices e Mecânica do Voo

1) Three Methods of Calculating Range and Endurance of Airplanes

2) General Airplane Performance

3) Effects of Canards on Airplane Performance and Stability

4) The Problem of Landing

5) An Investigation of Airplane Landing Speeds

6) Performance Analysis of a Piston Engined Airplane - Piper Cherokee PA-28

7) Charts for Graphical Estimation of Airplane Performance

8) Charts for Calculating the Performance of Airplanes Having Constant-Speed Propellers

9) Generalized Performance Comparison of Large Conventional, Tail-Boom, and Tailless Airplanes

10) Flight Investigation in Climb and at High Speed of a Two Blade and a Three Blade Propeller

11) Propeller Design

12) Mass Distribuition and Performance of Free Flight Models

13) Flight Mechanics

14) Flight Investigation in Climb and at High Speed of a Two Blade and a Three Blade Propeller

15) Quest for Performence - The Evolution of Modern Aircraft

16) Static Thrust of Airplane Propellers

17) Considerations of the Take-Off Problem

18) Propeller Efficiency Charts for Light Airplanes

19) An Analytical Investigation of Effect of High-Lift Flaps on Take-Off of Ligth Airplanes

20) The Effects of Aerodynamic Brakes Upon the Speed Characteristics of Airplanes

21) Glider Development in Germany

22) General Biplane Theory

23) Aircraft Performance - Airbus


Estabilidade e Controle

1) Analytical Fuselage and Wing Weight Estimation of Transport Aircraft

2) Statical Longitudinal Stability of Airplanes

3) Determination of Stability and Control Derivatives Using Computational Fluid Dynamics

4) Measured Moments of Inertia of 32 Airplanes

5) Moments of Inertia of Several Airplanes

6) Airplane Balance

7) Some Notes on Determination of the Stick-Free Neutral Point from Wind-Tunnel Data

8) The Effect of Airfoil Thickness and Plan Form on Lateral Control

9) A Method for the Calculation of the Lateral Response of Airplanes to Random Turbulence

10) The Development of a Lateral Control System for use With Large Span Flaps

11) Effects of Tip Shape and Dihedral on Lateral Satability Characteristics

12) The Estimation of the Rate of Change of Yawing Moment with Slideslip


Cargas e Estruturas

1) Landing-Gear Impact

2) A Simple Aproximation Method for Obtaining the Sapanwise Lift Distribuition

3) Notes on the Construction and Testing of Model Airplanes

4) An Experimental Study of Applied Ground Loads in Landing

5) Effects of Wing Lift and Weight on Landing-Gear Loads

6) Analysis of Land-Gear Behavior

7) Fittings and Other Structural Parts of Airplanes

8) Equivalent Plate Modeling for Conceptual Design of Aircraft Wing Structures

9) An Experimental Study of Applied Ground Loads in Landing

10) Flutter Prevention Handbook - A Preliminary Collection

11) Fibrous Composites

12) On Landing Gear Stresses

13) An Analytical Study of Wing and Tail loads Associated With an Elevator Deflection

14) Design and Manufacture of Structurally Efficient Tapered Struts

15) Metal Truss Wing Spars

16) A Method for Computing Leading-Edge Loads

17) Aerodynamic Structural Study of Canard Wing, Dual Wing and Conventional Wing Systems

18) Design-Oriented Analysis of Aircraft Fuselage Structures

19) Aerofoils and Aerofoil Structural Combinations

20) Evolution of U.S. Military Aircraft Structures Technology

21) Simulation of Aircraft Landing Gears With a Nonlinear Dynamic Finite Element Code

22) Aeroeslastic Problems of Airplane Design


Projeto Conceitual, Nomenclatura Aeronáutica, Projetos de UAV, Artigos Diversos

1) Aircraft Conceptual and Preliminary Design

2) Aircraft Conceptual Design Using Vehicle Sketch Pad

3) Nomenclature for Aeronautics

4) Civil UAV Capability Assessement

5) Technology Challenges in Small UAV Development

6) Design and Construction of a Remote Piloted Flying Wing

7) The Evolution of Modern Aircraft - NASA

8) Standart Atmosphere - Tables and Data for Altitudes to 65800 Feet

9) A Fligth Investigation to Increase the Safety of a Ligth Airplane

10) The Tail Plane


Voo Hipersônico

1) Facing the Heat Barrier - A History of  Hipersonics

2) The Hipersonic Revolution (Volume I)

3) The Hipersonic Revolution (Volume II)

4) The Hipersonic Revolution (Volume III)